With Plethora of Taliban Atrocities to Choose From, U.S. State Department Focuses on Lack of Wokeness

With Plethora of Taliban Atrocities to Choose From, Biden-Harris Regime Focuses on Lack of Wokeness

When the headline came across my desk last night, I first thought it had to be The Babylon Bee. Those jokesters always come up with headlines that cut close to the edge of reality, but satirical enough to pass off with a chuckle. When I realized it was an actual news report from The Hill, I had to reread the headline twice to make sure I didn’t miss something.

Here’s the Tweet that caught my attention:

The Taliban has declared Afghanistan is a caliphate. They are going door-to-door murdering their own civilians. They are subjugating the luckiest women in the nation with forced burqas and limited rights, while the unlucky ones are kidnapped, raped, and oftentimes murdered. They’re shipping weapons which we left them to Iran for usage and likely to China for reverse engineering. They are holding American citizens hostage. These are just a few of the atrocities the new government of Afghanistan has perpetrated this week, and it’s only Wednesday.

The Department of State under the Biden-Harris regime decided that out of all of these things upon which to focus their attention, none of them were quite as important as gender-inequality in the government. It just may be the wokest, most idiotic thing our State Department has ever done, which is saying a lot. According to The Hill:

The State Department on Tuesday expressed concerns over the makeup of the new interim Afghan government announced by the Taliban, including the lack of female leaders and the past actions of some of those appointed to top posts.

A State Department spokesperson said in a statement shared with The Hill that although the Taliban “has presented this as a caretaker cabinet,” the U.S. “will judge the Taliban by its actions, not words.”

“We have made clear our expectation that the Afghan people deserve an inclusive government,” the spokesperson added.

The statement went on to note that the list of names announced by the Taliban earlier Tuesday “consists exclusively of individuals who are members of the Taliban or their close associates and no women.”

The announced leaders come after the Taliban last month specifically called on women to join government offices in an apparent attempt to portray itself as a more moderate version of the group that previously enforced extreme laws on women and girls, including preventing them from going to school and barring them from leaving their homes unless they were accompanied by a man.

The State Department also said Tuesday that it was “concerned by the affiliations and track records of some of the individuals.”

Two decades, thousands of military members’ lives, and trillions of dollars later, the only thing we have in the end is a feeble complaint about diversity towards the leaders of the nation we helped destroy. Under Barack Obama, they said we were trying to lead from behind. Under Joe Biden, we’re just falling further behind the pack. It’s disgraceful.

In the clearest message possible, the Biden-Harris State Department has declared to the world, “No, we’re not back. We’re weak, but at least we’re woke.” The degree of shame this regime is bringing to America cannot be overstated.