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Will Silver and Gold Be Good for Barter and Wealth Protection During Emergencies?

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The debate over the value of precious metals during times of societal distress is one of the most polarizing in the survival community. Some point to the persistent value of gold and silver; even when societies were in collapse, precious metals remained priorities. Others point to modern sensibilities, often saying, “You can’t eat a gold bar.”

As one popular preparedness expert told us, it really comes down the severity of the turmoil.

“If we’re talking about mass upheaval such as economic collapse or post-election rioting, precious metals will be far more valuable in the future than they are today,” said the expert who asked to remain anonymous because he is sponsored by a precious metals company. “If we’re talking about ‘Lord of the Flies’ with cannibalism and other apocalyptic circumstances, precious metals will only weigh you down as you try to evade the hordes.”

In 2024 and beyond, anything seems possible. The geopolitical landscape is changing more rapidly than any time since WWII. But as central banks continue to stockpile physical precious metals in anticipation of something they believe is on the horizon, more average Americans are seeking creative ways to protect their wealth while also having valuable metals they can carry with them in a pinch.

A new precious metals product, the “Prepper Bar,” has been making waves in the industry. Silver Prepper Bars are selling out quickly and Gold Prepper Bars are only in-stock intermittently. The reason for all the buzz is the unique nature of the bars. They can be broken apart into three different increments.

Here’s a promotional video highlighting their utility:

But the question remains: Will gold and silver be useful in barter or wealth preservation if society deteriorates rapidly?

“Since the dawn of humanity, precious metals have retained a varying level of value which is unique to them,” said Jonathan Rose, CEO of Genesis Gold Group which is the only company that offers Prepper Bars to back their retirement accounts. “Even in times of extended emergencies or even full-blown exodus, gold and silver have been considered valuable.”

Whether troubled times are coming to America after the election or further down the road, it seems likely that turmoil will eventually come. Those who want “wealth in your wallet” by purchasing Prepper Bars can do so quickly and easily, or they can contact Genesis Gold Group to consider including them in their retirement accounts.