Will Bird Flu Be the Trigger to “Normalize” Cricket Protein in America?

(Best USA Beef)—In mid-2022, we set up a news alert for terms like “cricket protein” and “cricket burgers.” Since then, there have been occasional peaks with a whole lot of valleys in interest as Americans generally aren’t excited about the prospects of getting their necessary protein from bugs.

There was a spike that started shortly after news broke that bird flu was being transmitted to cattle. On the surface this makes sense, but it was conspicuously odd that there was no spike when bird flu was limited to poultry. Surely Americans would be concerned about their sources of protein whether it was beef or chicken affected, but media coverage didn’t reflect that.

What’s really happening is not a greater concern for beef. It’s a media- and government-manufactured concern that is coinciding with the planned push for insect proteins in America. This falls into the same trend that has “nutritionists” claiming beef is bad for our health, “journalists” pretending like Americans are turning away from beef, and “scientists” claiming cattle are the biggest cause of global warming.

Most if not nearly all of our readers will not willingly partaking in eating “cricket burgers.” Unfortunately, that particular abomination is not the first step toward normalization. Before “cricket burgers” are forced on us, they will introduce cricket and other insect proteins into the food supply that is simply mixed in with regular food.

In fact, they’re already doing it.

For example, Exo Prebiotic Protein Bars are very popular as a dairy-free “healthy” snack. They are high in protein and boast 3X more iron than spinach. Nowhere on the packaging does it mention the words “cricket” or “insects.” Instead, it lists in the ingredients, “Acheta protein.”

Acheta protein is cricket powder, though Snopes is still working on coming to that very basic conclusion.

The rise of bird flu allegedly infecting cattle has been propped up by corporate media despite the fact that there has only been one documented case of it spreading to a human in all of history. That case resulted in conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye. The infected individual was not hospitalized and did not have respiratory symptoms.

Nevertheless, our government and their media proxies are pretending like this is the Bubonic plague. They are prepared to rapidly distribute over 100 million “vaccines.” They are passing regulations to make it far more difficult for American ranchers to survive. They’re establishing the “Beef Boogeyman” and they’re prepared with the “solution.”

This ad by Prepper All-Naturals portends a dark future:

It’s a disturbing ad but we’re living in disturbing times. This is why Prepper All-Naturals has a limited time offer of 25% off with promo code “jdr” on all long-term storage beef products.

It’s impossible to know for sure if the attacks on beef and the pushes for insect protein are simply gaslighting attempts or full-blown psyops, but we can be certain the path they’re leading us down ends with beef gone and bugs in our burgers. It behooves Americans to stock up on long-term storage beef as soon as possible.