Wife of Pro-Life Catholic Leader Mark Houck Describes the Day 30 FBI Jackboots Raided Their Home

The outrage against Joe Biden’s personal mafia enforcers, the jackboots at the FBI, rose dramatically last week when 30 of them raided the home of pro-life Catholic leader Mark Houck and arrested him for defending his son from violent baby-murder activists. Mark’s wife, Ryan-Marie, went on with Tucker Carlson to describe the events of that day.

As she said, there were so many FBI vehicles she couldn’t even see her large front lawn. Watch:

“It was devastating. You can imagine it’s hard to even express the victimization and, you know, how traumatized we all are,” she said.

Mark and Ryan-Marie have seven children.

This is more than just an injustice. It represents the rapid acceleration of federal law enforcement overreach and apparent paranoia. Not only are they making more arrests and taking out more who oppose the Biden-Harris regime, but they’re doing so with an “overkill” mentality. Why else would they send so many agents to a home with children if not to intimidate those who oppose Biden’s beloved “abortion rights”?