Mike Rogers

Why Would Donald Trump Endorse NeverTrump Deep State NeoCon RINO Mike Rogers?

Trump supporters don’t want to hear this. As a Trump supporter myself, I don’t want to say it. But the truth is the truth and though I’m certain to catch flak for asking the question and offering an unfortunate answer, it needs to be said.

Former Congressman Mike Rogers is a full-blown RINO. He’s a NeoCon. He’s part of the Romney/Cheney wing of the Republican Establishment. And perhaps most importantly, he’s a self-avowed NeverTrumper.

As Senator Rand Paul noted on Twitter, Donald Trump’s endorsement of Rogers for U.S. Senator in the Michigan race is like endorsing John Bolton.

Donald Trump just endorsed the worst Deep State candidate this cycle.

@MikeRogersForMI is a never Trumper, and a card carrying member of the spy state that seeks to destroy Trump.

You have to ask yourself who gives Trump this awful advice?

Who’s next, John Bolton?

The question is, “Why?” The answer is, sadly, pretty obvious.

Trump the Deal Maker

As much as most Trump supporters want to believe that their preferred candidate is above the petty political fray and that backroom deals with the UniParty Swamp are below him, neither are true. He’s not above the fray. In fact, he generally thrives within the fray and he’s not going to let the RINO v America First Patriot war within the Republican Party slip by without his input.

When it comes to backroom deals, Trump is among the best at getting the upper hand. Unfortunately, that means that he’s willing to do things his base doesn’t like if it means achieving a goal. Right now, the goal is to be President of the United States and he (or at least his team) believes engaging with the UniParty Swamp is the best way to achieve this goal.

I’d argue that the strategy is wrong, but I’m biased. I don’t want any dealings with the UniParty Swamp. I have that luxury since I’m sitting behind a keyboard instead of running for office. Trump does not have that luxury.

But Mike Rogers? Really? This guy makes Dick Cheney seem mild in his warmongering and Deep State shenanigans. As Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse noted:

Mike Rogers together with Democrat Rep Dutch Ruppersberger, were infamous for generating the report that defended the CIA and Deep State during the Benghazi aftermath and protecting Hillary Clinton {GO DEEP}.  👀 CTH took apart the report that was created by Rogers and Ruppersberger without the other members of the intelligence committee participating.

Annoyingly, Rogers has a long history of helping to assist and create the national security “surveillance state.”  SEE HERE and SEE HERE and SEE HERE.  Perhaps he has changed in the decade since he was one of the primary advocates for the Deep State and the creation of the 4th branch of government; however, I doubt it.

I also doubt that President Trump was advised about the nature of Mike Rogers and his ideological outlook toward supporting the National Security state.  Rogers has a life-long history of supporting the very institutional actors who targeted President Trump, so it’s a little hard to see him supporting President Trump in the second term.

The 2014 Rogers/Ruppersberger Report was specifically designed, by wording, to provide political cover to both parties – Republicans and Democrats within the Gang of Eight particularly included and protected.

Endorsements are almost entirely worthless. Trump’s are by far the most important any candidate can receive, which is why it’s discouraging that on multiple occasions over the past eight years he’s made some pretty ugly ones. Katie Britt? Dr. Mehmet Oz? Mitt Romney?!?!?!?!

But there’s an asterisk that needs to be added here. Of the GOP candidates vying for the nomination, the three top candidates are ALL NeverTrumpers. Justin Amash is a Libertarian at heart who hates Trump. Peter Meijer voted to impeach Trump. James Craig was the best candidate but dropped out even when he was polling strong because he ran out of money. Rogers is arguably the least of the NeverTrump evils who have a chance of winning.

So there’s that. But the circumstances don’t take away the sting of knowing that Trump is endorsing someone based on the prodding of the Mitch McConnell clan in the Senate. I’d rather Trump had endorsed an America First candidate who would lose instead of a RINO who is likely going to win.

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