Why We Must Take the Revcoms' Call for Violent Revolt After Rittenhouse Acquittal Seriously

Why We Must Take the Revcoms’ Call for Violent Revolt Seriously After Rittenhouse Acquittal

As revolutionary Antifa-spinoff groups go, the Revcoms should be at the top of everyone’s watch-list. Why? Because they are NOT just an Antifa spinoff, though some are characterizing them as such. In fact, they’ve been around accumulating resources and recruiting comrades for longer than most Antifa members have been alive.

They are preparing to do something big and they have been mobilizing Neo-Marxists around the country to burn Kenosha and other cities to the ground.

The Revolutionary Communist Party, led by Maoist Bob Avakian since 1975, seeks to destroy the United States of America from within and rebuild it in the image of a “new synthesis of communism.” It combines the tenets of Mao Zedong’s totalitarianism with the Culture Marxism that has sprung forth concepts like Critical Race Theory. When a group becomes armed and militant, as the Revcoms have, it means we need to pay very close attention when they start making threats.

Their latest social media post is a thread calling for revolution. I’ll only post the first Tweet for reference; the rest is so hideous we wouldn’t pollute these pages with the entire thread. Needless to say, they embrace and disseminate every false narrative pertaining to the Kyle Rittenhouse case, from calling his rioting pedophile victims “heroes” to calling Rittenhouse and everyone who supports him a White Supremacist.

We must stay focused on our freedoms. Just as they did last summer, the radical left wants to terrorize Americans by destroying businesses, assaulting random people, and causing as much mayhem as possible on the streets of U.S. cities. They only know how to destroy as the vast majority that they recruit are people who have never built anything and have no plans to build anything in their lives.

All they have is the movement. All they know is the movement. All they are is the movement.

While they are careful not to use social media to call for violence specifically so as not to trigger censors or create evidence in future court cases, their intentions are crystal clear when they call for “real revolution.” They aren’t asking people to boycott Kenosha businesses who supported Rittenhouse or to buy more Black Rifle Coffee Company products for opposing him. Their idea of “real revolution” means real, armed revolution.

Do not dismiss this group as another series of misfits looking for attention. They plan on being violent. They want revolution. They will not stop on their own. We must remain diligent in the defense of our lives, our property, and the Constitution.