TikTok Addiction

Why TikTok Is Very Different in China Than in America

Many conservative commentators and show hosts have tackled the TikTok problem over the past couple of years. It’s an indoctrination tool used by the radical left to push kids and even young adults into destructive ideologies like LGBTQIA+ supremacy, Critical Race Theory, and general sexual depravity. Some say it’s a brainwashing tool, and I believe it is.

The world’s most popular app by far, TikTok presents short videos in a never-ending stream. Users are greeted with a new video the moment they open the app and they can swipe up endlessly until hours have passed. It’s truly addictive and the algorithms are geared toward pushing users more and more to the left. Sometimes, it’s incremental. Other times, it’s in giant leaps.

An imam in Great Britain who I was unable to identify told of the reality of TikTok and how the Chinese algorithm is very much different from the algorithm used in western cultures. Instead of serving kids videos of stupid pranks or scantily clad teens doing provocative dances, they’re served videos of people demonstrating their accomplishments. It’s still indoctrination and brainwashing, but the Chinese Communist Party makes sure they’re indoctrinating their children to grow to be good citizens rather than the losers they’re trying to turn our kids into. Watch:

On today’s episode of America First Report, I broke down what this means and why parents must do everything they can to prevent kids from being exposed to this extremely dangerous app. Unfortunately, we’re in a society that embraces groupthink so far too many parents see nothing wrong with TikTok since so many people are using it. In fact, there are many parents who have become addicted to the app themselves.