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. . . Why So Many Precious Metals Companies Are Secretly Woke, Supporting Democrats and Working With the CCP

There’s a dirty little secret in the precious metals industry. At a time when so many companies big and small have been embracing “wokeness” and virtue signaling to their customers, the vast majority of companies in the precious metals industry have avoided the topics. They didn’t put BLM flags outside their offices. They aren’t calling on Dylan Mulvaney to be a spokesperson. They aren’t celebrating the removal of Tucker Carlson from Fox News.

The reason they don’t do such things openly is obvious. Responsible, self-reliant American patriots and conservatives are far more likely to have wealth and retirement to protect with precious metals than leftists. That’s not to say leftists cannot afford gold or silver. Many of them are extremely wealthy. But most leftists have a hard time affording precious metals while their heroes among the leftist elite have plenty of money with which to remain above the fray.

Why, then, is nearly every precious metals company donating to Democrats, working with the Chinese Communist Party, and secretly embracing the globalist elite cabal’s push for Central Bank Digital Currencies? The answer is as obvious as the reason they never do so in public. A tanking dollar and a broken economy are great for the gold business, so they quietly lean into it.

Over the past two years, I have been vetting out various precious metals companies… 31 to be exact. That may sound like a lot but it’s less than 10% of the industry.  Nevertheless, it’s large enough to draw conclusions. I was shocked to learn that of the 31, only four have no attachments to the groups that hate America. The Liberty Daily recommends two of those companies and benefits when you do business with them. Our Gold Guy is the smaller company with which you’ll be able to deal directly with the owner and Genesis is the bigger company that embraces a Biblical worldview.

Surely others have done the same research I have, right? There’s no way a conservative show host or rare conservative in Hollywood would endorse companies that give heavily to Democrats, right? Actually, no. That’s not the case. These conservative celebrities, many of whom I otherwise respect, are promoting companies that work directly against our nation and America’s economy. A payday is a payday and it’s not like the CEOs of these companies are going on MSNBC to defend Antifa.

The relationship between America First patriotism and precious metals is wholeheartedly embraced by these secretly woke precious metals companies. They cover it all up by hiring high-dollar conservative celebrities to endorse their products. But if you research the owners, executives, and founders of these companies you’ll find that nearly all of them are donating to Democrats far more than Republicans. You’ll also find that they keep their gold — and as a result any gold or silver YOU buy from them — in U.S.-based depositories that are actually proxies of the CCP.

As for Central Bank Digital Currencies, a Chief Operations Officer at one of the companies I was vetting laid it out for me disgustingly. She said, “We can’t wait for the rollout of the Digital Dollar because it means even more people are going to be rushing to buy gold. By that time the prices will be through the roof but they’ll be buying it up anyway.”

The interview, which I did last year, enlightened me about how many of these companies think. She continued, “Next year (2023) we’re going to see gold hit $2K [per ounce] and some will hesitate. But once the Digital Dollar starts making waves later in the year I wouldn’t be shocked to see gold approach $3K. That’s the fear factor taking effect and the people who were hesitant at $2K will be begging us to sell it at $3K.”

There’s a scene in the movie “The Big Short” in which Steve Carell’s character is learning about synthetic CDOs. The more he learns, the more it makes his blood boil. This is how I felt being pitched on working with one of the larger gold companies. For reference [language warning]:

We work with Our Gold Guy and Genesis because they love America. We’ve passed on companies that offer far more money that other conservative sites and hosts are willing to accept because it’s the right thing to do.

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