Why San Francisco's 'Vaccine' Mandate for FIVE-YEAR-OLDS Is a Terrible Omen for Much of America

Why San Francisco’s “Vaccine” Mandate for FIVE-YEAR-OLDS Is a Terrible Omen for Much of America

For the past three decades, San Francisco has been the outlier in progressive politics. The city has been “woke” since before “woke” was even a thing in America, and in past years their radical policies were largely ignored. Today, the Democratic Party is very different as cities that were once left-leaning have been taken over by bombastic progressive extremists who turn to San Francisco for ideological guidance.

This is an extremely bad circumstance for millions of Americans who are still in blue cities and blue states. The city is decreeing that all residents eligible for the Covid-19 injections are required to have proof of their jabs to enter businesses like restaurants, gyms, or even Golden State Warriors basketball games. Now that the CDC has given the green light for children as young as 5-years-old to get vaxxed, San Francisco has wasted no time putting out their mandate.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

Children ages 5 to 11 will be required to show proof of vaccination to enter certain public spaces in San Francisco — including restaurants, gyms and large events like Warriors games — now that they are eligible to get the shots, public health officials said, though the local mandate likely will not apply to them for another couple of months.

San Francisco has required everyone 12 and older to confirm they are vaccinated since August if they want to go inside many public places. It was the first major city in the United States to issue such an order.

At a meeting with parents of younger children Tuesday night, Dr. Susan Philip, the city health officer, said she expected the order to be extended to 5- to 11-year-olds once enough time has passed for them to be fully vaccinated. People are considered fully vaccinated with Pfizer — the vaccine authorized for younger children — two weeks after completing a two-dose regimen. The shots are supposed to be given three weeks apart.

“We definitely want to wait and make sure children have an opportunity to get vaccinated, no sooner than eight weeks after the vaccine is available for kids,” Philip said. “There will be a limited time where there will not be those requirements. But there will be a point where children will also have to show proof of vaccination to access some of those settings.”

Adults are required to show photo identification along with proof of vaccination — their federal vaccination card, or a photo of it, or a California-issued digital code — to enter certain establishments. But children will not be required to show ID since they may not have one. Kids 12 and older also are not required to show photo ID.

The San Francisco mandate applies to restaurants and bars; gyms, yoga and dance studios, and other fitness centers; and entertainment venues that serve food and beverages, including theaters.

So if you want to take your child to see a Pixar movie, they will need to show their government-issued proof of vaccination in order to enter the premises. This would be ludicrous prima facie if the disease posed a very mild risk to children, but it doesn’t even do that. Children have a scientifically demonstrable resistance to the coronavirus which gives them over a 99.99% chance of recovery if they contract the disease. To indoctrinate them into a life of face masks, social distancing, limited contact, and showing proof that they’ve been given an experimental drug that is riskier to them than the disease it may or may not protect them against is child abuse.

The idiocy of San Francisco is certain to spread to other cities with Democrats in charge. In fact, there have already been discussions of embracing the “San Fran Model” in Seattle, New York City, and St. Louis. It will hit other cities as well.

Parents and other rational Americans must stand together in strong objection to these draconian mandates. Adults are old enough to fight them directly, but they’re mandating jabs on our kids who have no recourse. This must be halted immediately before it gets a foothold across the nation.