Kari Lake

Why Kari Lake Is Running for Senate AND Fighting the 2022 Stolen Election

(Discern Report)—A headline crossed my desk today that chapped my khakis. The article was written by Duke over at Red State and read, “Kari Lake Is Running for Senate in Arizona While Still Protesting Her Loss as Governor—and I’m Confused.”

I symbolically cracked my knuckles, put the article on one screen and prepared to rebuke the article on the other screen. But upon reading it, I realized it was written from a proper perspective. It wasn’t bashing Kari Lake out of spite. It didn’t claim the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election was fair and square. It didn’t call on Lake to get out of politics and let a non-MAGA RINO run.

As it turned out, the article was spot on other than one major point. And even though that point is major it’s not blatantly obvious, so I uncracked my knuckles and prepared to move on, leaving my ire on the table to direct at someone else who actually deserved it. But as the day continued the article nagged at me. I’m not big on writing about slight disagreements since there are plenty of UniParty Swampsters to go after passionately.

In lieu of a rebuke, I’ll add a bit of context that should clear things up. According to Duke, Lake should not be running for U.S. Senate because she should be putting all of her efforts and fundraising prowess to work in a focused effort to expose the massive, widespread voter fraud that stole the 2022 (and 2020) elections in Arizona. It’s an understandable and even noble premise for his article, but the flaw is this: She’s already done that and lost multiple times.

Nobody has fought voter fraud following a stolen election harder than Kari Lake’s team. Not Donald Trump. Not Doug Mastriano. Not Dr Mehmet Oz. Not Blake Masters. I like all of them other than Dr. Oz, but combined they didn’t fight their stolen elections as hard as Lake’s team.

Considering the efforts that have thus far yielded zero fruit, it make sense for her team to assume that the truth isn’t going to prevail. They’ve presented mountains of evidence that demonstrate unambiguously how ballot fraud at a massive scale took place in Maricopa County, but the UniParty Swamp system has them completely blocked off. They can’t get a judge that isn’t corrupt. They can’t get media coverage even from conservative news outlets who are scared of being labeled “election deniers.”

They can’t catch a break.

But here’s the thing. They ARE continuing to fight against all odds because it’s the right thing to do. Lake’s direct participation at this stage is not needed. She raised enough funds to make the case and it still wasn’t enough. Could she raise more funds? Sure, but that’s not the problem. They need more evidence that’s beyond the bombshells they already dropped.

Instead of fighting a single-front war, she decided to run for U.S. Senate while allowing her team to continue the uphill battle of exposing the fraudulent 2022 election. At this stage, they don’t need much from her. They can continue to fight on that front while she tries to get to Capitol Hill.

Duke’s assessment was accurate. I have no qualms about his perspectives. I simply agree with Lake’s decision that her efforts are better spent attacking the UniParty Swamp directly rather than continuing to participate in the ongoing 2022 election litigation. She and her teams (legal and campaign) can walk and chew gum at the same time.

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