. . . Why ‘Joining the Crowd’ on Shifting Retirement Accounts Can Be a Very Good Thing

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“The primary driving forces behind gains in the precious metals market are a devaluing US dollar, inflation, and other federal government monetary policies,” said Jonathan Rose, CEO of Genesis Precious Metals, during an interview with NASDAQ.

It was an uncomfortable moment because the equities giant has goals that are often not aligned with the precious metals industry. But to their credit, they understand the changing landscape based on economic challenges in American and across the globe. The truth may hurt them, but they’re willing to acknowledge it.

What Rose has seen over the past two years is a dramatic increase in the number of Americans shifting retirement accounts of all types to self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals. The surge hit a peak in recent weeks following multiple banks collapsing, prompted by bank runs and concerns over the state of the U.S. Dollar.

“This environment creates a strong case for allocating funds to physical precious metals,” Rose continued.

Many Americans dislike following trends or “joining the crowd” in most cases. When it comes to finances, the opposite should be true. Following trends and doing what others are doing can be the keys to fiscal success.

As more Americans buy gold and silver, the value can rise. Combining the current precious metals buying trend with anti-bank sentiment and fears of worsening recession yields one conclusion: Self-directed IRAs backed by gold and silver should be strongly considered by anyone with wealth or retirement to protect.

“It’s not just regular people who are buying precious metals,” Ira Bershatsky from Advisor Metals said. “It’s BlackRock. It’s the central banks. It’s governments. The people in-the-know are buying up as much gold and silver as possible.”

Americans have questions. Do my retirement accounts qualify for tax-free rollovers into a self-directed IRA? Where will my precious metals be stored? How will the process work? Can I receive disbursements by having gold and silver shipped directly to me?

Genesis Precious Metals and Advisor Metals�have the answers to these and any other questions you may have. Reach out to them and see why they’re two of the few gold companies that do NOT try to entice people with disingenuous promises of “$10,000 in free silver!”