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Why Haven’t Chip and Joanna Gaines Spoken Out?

This has been a very bad week for Target. Boycotts over their satanically inspired trans-supremacy wing in stores across the country have cost them billions. Over time, it may turn out to be even worse than it is now since the company appears to be completely unapologetic even after removing many of the displays from stores. But they have one thing going for them. Popular brand ambassadors Chris and Joanna Gaines have thus far been silent on the controversy.

Madeline Osburn from The Federalist had questions for the popular Christian couple:

Do Chip and Joanna support Target’s manufacturing of “tuck-friendly” and “chest-binding” swimsuits for children? What about selling the “Bye Bye, Binary” board book with the tagline “Nobody puts baby in a pink or blue corner!”?

Do Chip and Joanna feel that their Christian faith is being mocked when their business partner sells merchandise designed by an outspoken Satanist, such as “Too queer for here” tote bags or “Cure transphobia” sweatshirts? What about shirts that feature naked women or “Not a phase” loungewear?

Do Chip and Joanna have any qualms about selling their pillows and home furnishings in the same store, let alone a few aisles over, from prominent #Pride displays marketed toward teens, kids, and families?

They’re getting blasted on social media. Joanna has turned off comments on her popular Instagram account. But thus far they have not commented on the fact that one of their biggest business partners embraces satanism and actively participates in trans-indoctrination of children.

As professing Christians, there is absolutely zero reason for them to be silent even if their contract compels non-disparagement. They could remain in line with their contract by simply saying something to the effect of, “We are contractually obligated to withhold criticism of our business partners at Target, but our attorneys are working to sever the relationship.”

That would be enough for now.

Some would say it’s too harsh to abandon the company, but here’s the thing. As Christians, there should be no amount of money that could supersede their obligation to fight the good fight. In this case, that fight means leaving the company that has demonstrated their disdain for Judeo-Christian values by their willingness to engage in satanic activity.

Even if we take the religious component out of the equation, the fact that their products are side-by-side with trans-indoctrination items should betray the family values they claim to uphold.

They have the type of money, clout, and empire that should allow them to continue thriving without Target. Even if it would be a major blow, they can afford it. And even if there are legalities standing in the way of a swift separation, they should at least inform their fans that they’re working their way out of the situation. Their silence on the issue is deafening to those who have stood by their side when the left was attacking them for their faith. To now look the other way for convenience and profit is disgusting.

It’s possible that they’re handling the situation behind the scenes and will be splitting from Target soon. If so, I’ll gleefully apologize for calling them out prematurely, though I would still encourage them to speak out instead of leaving their fans hanging. Unfortunately, I get the feeling they’re just hoping this will blow over and they will never have to address that their brand and their products are attached at the hip to a satanic agenda.

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