. . . Why Gold and Silver in the Safe Is Becoming BETTER Than Money in the Bank

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The old idiom has lost its meaning. “Like money in the bank” used to me mean safety and security, something you can count on to be there when you need it. As we’ve been learning since March, that’s not always the case. Moreover, the central banks are pushing their digital currencies as hard as governments pushed the Covid jabs for two years.

Ira Bershatsky, managing member of Advisor Metals, has actively and aggressively opposed both CBDCs and Covid “vaccines” since they reared their ugly heads. He believe in America, and right now it makes sense for Americans to move portions of their wealth and retirement out of the banks, out of the stock markets, and into physical precious metals.

Briefly, here’s why:

  • The rise of BRICS nations attempting to subvert the dollar means money in the bank may not be worth as much tomorrow as it was yesterday.
  • Woke ESG funds are starting to dominate managed investment portfolios because financial advisors have been incentivized by the Biden-Harris regime to direct your money into them.
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies are fast approaching, and it’s conspicuous that the central banks themselves have been quietly buying up as much physical gold and silver as they can for the last year.
  • Small banks are in danger of being eaten up by big banks. Big banks are beholden to their globalist puppet masters, not their customers or even they’re investors. They are leading the charge on advancing all-of-the-above.
  • If and when the U.S. Dollar drops or even collapses, the “solution” will be more government control, massive regulations over cryptocurrencies, and an eventual push for a one world currency.

All the while, gold and silver will remain the last physical currencies standing because they were the first widely accepted currencies. They’ve had value since the dawn of humanity and will continue to have value as long as we’re here.

This isn’t about preparing to barter in an alternative economy, though having some silver coins as well as fractional gold may make sense for that. This is about protecting your wealth in a form that can weather the coming storms. If the financial sludge hits the fan, money in the bank or in the stock market may not be as safe as you think it is. Physical precious metals are the safe havens for hard times.

But here’s the thing. Even if things turn around and society is turned away from the various destructive courses we find ourselves traveling, gold and silver will still be exchangeable. If things get better, having physical gold and silver makes sense. If things get worse, having physical gold and silver makes even more sense.

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