Why Fox News Cut President Trump’s Comments to Dan Bongino About the Rigged Election

Why Fox News REALLY Cut President Trump’s Comments to Dan Bongino About the Rigged Election

There is something Fox News generally fears more than anything else. It’s not failing CNN or MSNBC. It’s not advertisers who leave or an aging viewership. It isn’t what Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, or any other leftists are doing to our country. The thing they fear more than anything else is for their viewers to actually be informed on the facts they need to hear the most, whether it’s about the stolen 2020 election or the massive propaganda campaign for Covid-19 “vaccines.”

There’s a reason for this fear and I’ll discuss that below. But first, let’s look at the latest example of self-censoring they did, this time against President Trump. While being interviewed by Dan Bongino on his show, “Unfiltered,” they cut out an entire portion during which the President called out voter fraud and the rigged 2020 election. You can see in this clipped starting at the 8:56 mark when they did the edit:

The reason Fox News doesn’t talk about the stolen 2020 election or vaccine propaganda isn’t because they fear YouTube and Facebook censorship, though that would happen if they talked about either subject. They don’t fear Dominion Voting Systems and their weak lawsuits, though Fox News and others use that as their excuse for not allowing certain topics to be discussed on their shows. The real reason is clear: Fox News was, is, and will continue to be part of the disinformation campaigns on these and other subjects.

Conservatives often turn to Fox News for their “right-leaning” perspectives, but here’s the thing. Fox News is 100% controlled opposition. Sure, they get all bent out of shape over most actions the Democrats take and they often engage in “owning the libs” for their hypocrisy on most issues, but this is all being done for the sake of keeping patriots tuned into them and not any alternatives that are discussing taboo topics.

That’s not to say everyone at Fox News is bad. Tucker Carlson and a handful of others seem to be more independent and are willing to branch out into these topics from time to time, but even they are coerced by the network to keep them from busting open the truly important news.

As for Bongino, he claims he was unaware of the edits and I believe him. It’s important to understand that Fox News will blindside their own employees with stuff like this in hopes that nobody notices. But we noticed. Others did, too. And Bongino isn’t happy that he wasn’t informed.

It’s ironic that President Trump was censored on a Fox News show called “Unfiltered.” Dan Bongino was blindsided and should release the whole clip even if it means going against the wishes of those controlling Fox News.