Omnibus Vaccines Africa

Why Does the Omnibus Bill Include $4.5 BILLION for Covid Jabs in Africa Where Covid Isn’t an Issue?

One continent has done better than all others when it comes to Covid-19 prevention and treatment. It’s not the continent that most would have expected, nor is it the continent that is being discussed by corporate media. Yet Capitol Hill wants to impose the failed western response to Covid-19 on the continent that we should be emulating instead.

Africa never had a Covid problem. The ubiquitous availability and widespread use of Ivermectin is likely one of the main reasons they’ve remained largely unaffected by the pandemic. Another reason they may be doing so much better than America, Europe, and Asia is that the “vaccines” are not nearly as prominent in Africa as the rest of the world. Our government wants to change that with YOUR taxpayer dollars funding it.

According to The Blaze’s Daniel Horowitz, “The omnibus bill has $4.5 billion for the state department to promote the outdated poison shots on Africa where they already have immunity and have done better than us without the shots.”

For months, we’ve speculated that the jabs are NOT what they seem. The unhinged push to vaccinate every man, woman, and child on earth combined with suppression of drugs like Ivermectin and an unwillingness to recognize the benefits of natural immunity tells us there’s something afoot.

Pushing jabs onto Africa reinforces these beliefs.

Even if we set aside the absolute insult of spending our tax dollars on a failed drug experiment in a continent that wouldn’t need it even if the jabs worked, we cannot dismiss the conspiratorial nature of everything that’s happening.

Could the jabs be doing real harm, as many have speculated?

We already know they cause a massive number of adverse reactions with a death toll that may secretly be higher than Covid itself. But what if the endgame includes using the jabs as a control mechanism or even a depopulation tool?

It’s easy to label us as conspiracy theorists for questioning the official narrative and calling out the powers-that-be. Yes, we look into theories, but at this stage, it’s best to describe us as “conspiracy realists.” Something’s afoot. Those who don’t recognize that should go back to watching CNN instead of reading articles like these.