Why Did the FBI Ignore a Known Terrorist Threat While Focusing on Arresting MAGA Meemaws_

Why Did the FBI Ignore a Known Terrorist Threat While Focusing on Arresting MAGA Meemaws?

The more we learn about the radical Islamic terrorist who held hostages in a Texas synagogue over the weekend, the more questions arise that need to be answered by the Federal Bureau of Investigations. They knew Malik Faisal Akram, 44, was a threat but spent taxpayer dollars and crucial investigative resources hunting down mostly peaceful protesters from the Capitol event over a year ago.

Both Donald Trump Jr. and Jack Posobiec had questions:

“A known jihadist came into the US and took hostages at a targeted synagogue while the FBI was going after MAGA meemaws,” Posobiec Tweeted.

“How long did the FBI know a radical Islamist foreign national with a criminal record was in the country? Were they working with him or his associates? How did this person get a visa? Did he slip through the cracks because they were too busy surveilling your conservative grandma?” Trump Jr. asked.

It took the Biden-Harris regime two days to even acknowledge that it was a terrorist event. Meanwhile, it took the FBI the same amount of time to acknowledge that the Muslim terrorist specifically targeted a synagogue for antisemitic reasons. All the while, they’ve been diligently tracking patriotic American citizens who, at worst, trespassed at the Capitol Building over a year ago.

There’s a reason trust in the FBI is so low. They’ve gone from being the federal law enforcement bureau to now focusing on being the political persecution wing of the Democrat Party.