Dallas Love Field

Why Are So Many People Too Scared to Speak out Against the Rising Robot Overlords?

With mask mandates being lifted across the country (though others are popping up as well), one would think we would not be seeing massive robots popping up to tell us we’re not compliant. But as several have reported over the last couple of weeks, that’s exactly what’s happening, including at Dallas Love Field.

Journalist Kristi Leigh went to see the massive robot for herself and to ask people what they thought about it. To her dismay, not many were willing to speak out.

“In the short time we’ve been at Dallas Love Field we’ve talked to about 12 people,” she said. “Only one person was willing to go on camera and voice their concern about masking, about the robots. All the other people felt the same way, they think the masking is ridiculous, they think the robot’s creepy, but they’re not willing to declare that publicly.

“This is our problem: apathy. Our country is getting what it deserves because of apathy.”

Here’s here video report:

She’s absolutely right. If you prefer to take the easy road and not stand up for your rights now, the only road that will be available to you in the future is one of complete compliance with draconian diktats.