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Why American Jews AND Muslims Should Wake Up to the Idiocy of the Left

In America, the left’s reaction to the evils of Hamas in Israel last week should be a wakeup call. Protests were held against Jews. Letters were written supporting Hamas. Politicians, journalists, and academics refused to denounce the atrocities and many of them didn’t even try to hide their glee.

Few conservatives were surprised to see leftists justifying the kidnapping, raping, and murdering of innocent Israeli and non-Israeli civilians, but some lucid Democrats might have been surprised. Particularly Jewish and Muslim Democrats should have been shocked and must now question their ideological allegiance.

I say “the left” because things have changed. There was a time not too long ago when such displays of idiocy  would be labeled as the “radical left” or the “far left” but today, it’s just the left. Their Overton Window has made even former “moderates” accept men pretending to be women, mentally disabled men pretending to be politicians, and criminals pretending to be victims. It’s no wonder that they would now claim terrorist monsters as their heroes.

For practicing Jews, this should be a no-brainer, even for those who support “Palestine” or a two-state solution. One does not have to be Orthodox to realize the left’s anti-Semitism is coming out in full force right before our eyes. And one does not have to support the Israeli government or their actions in order to support the security and freedom of the Israeli people.

As for Muslims, what does the left really think of you? They are promoting the idea that the plight of Hamas is the plight of all “Palestinians,” and that the plight of “Palestinians” is the plight of all Muslims. Therefore, the actions of Hamas should be supported by all who claim to practice Islam. And it’s not just the left in America that is promoting the concept. Calls from across the world demand that all Muslims participate in this jihad.

It is long-past time for politically progressive Jews and Muslims to wake up to how the left and the Democrat Party view them. For those who haven’t been paying attention the last couple of years, the left demands full-embrace of all ideological stances. It’s all or nothing. This is why I am very doubtful that the Biden-Harris regime and other Democrats currently supporting Israel will be doing so a few weeks from now.

As the war drags on and reports of Israeli “atrocities” in Gaza spread, Democrats (and many Republicans) who currently support Israel in the aftermath of the shocking events from last week will start calling for moderation. They’ll start asking and then demanding that Israel ease off of their mission to purge Gaza of Hamas.

When this happens, the original aggressors and their allies will be seen as victims. The monsters of Hamas will become martyrs in the eyes of the left, even those who currently claim to support Israel. And that shift will further damage the lives of both Jews and Muslims in America.

Walk away now. In fact, run away now. Jews who do not want their people slaughtered and Muslims who do not want to be affiliated with terrorists will find themselves in the left’s crosshairs very soon.

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