Why a GOP Senator’s Bill to Stop Oil Imports from Russia Will Never Fly

The days of cheap, abundant domestic oil died with the stolen 2020 election, replaced by the Biden-Harris regime’s love for imports. Some of that oil comes from Russia, but the conflict in Ukraine has prompted a GOP Senator to introduce a bill banning Russian imports.

According to Fox News:

Kansas Republican Sen. Roger Marshall introduced legislation Tuesday that calls on the White House to ban all Russian oil imports into the U.S.

The bill – which would specifically block the importation of petroleum and petroleum products from Russia – has been backed by Energy Committee GOP Leader Sen. John Barrasso along with at least seven other Republicans in the upper chamber.

“First and foremost, President Biden needs to restart America’s energy production and quit funding Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine by continuing to purchase crude oil from Russia,” Marshall told Fox News Digital.

Marshall’s bill comes one day after Canada blocked imports of crude oil in protest to Russia’s deadly invasion of Ukraine.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday that despite the fact that Canada only imports a small amount of Russian petroleum products the blockade “sends a powerful message.”

The move is the first by a Western nation to impose a flat blockade on Russia’s top moneymaker as the U.S., Canada, European nations, Australia and Japan have sought to target Russian banks, businesses and elites.

Canada hasn’t imported crude oil from Russia since 2019 – which makes its ability to bar its petroleum exports without drastic financial implications for its citizens more attainable

While roughly three percent of U.S. oil imports come from Russia, Europe receives a whopping 40 percent of its oil needs from Moscow, reported the Wall Street Journal.

One would think that with such a small amount coming from Russia, the United States would be poised to follow in Canada’s footsteps. But with the Biden-Harris regime calling the shots, that’s not going to happen. Why? Because even having to replace 3% of our oil imports would damage our flailing economy and send gas prices soaring even higher out of panic.

Stolen elections have consequences. Instead of being energy independent under Trump, America with Biden in the Oval Office can’t afford to shave off even a tiny amount of our oil imports. That’s the position woke energy policies have put us in.