Why “2000 Mules” Is the Most Important Documentary of All Time

The title of this post will certainly draw some to offer up alternative answers. To be transparent, I didn’t look into other documentaries that may have been considered extremely important. I didn’t need to after watching 2000 Mules. There have been very few events since the invention of the documentary that have had as much of an impact on the United States and the world as the stolen 2020 election.

Perhaps more importantly, this documentary presents an opportunity for people to be woken up to the reality of our nation. As Pete Santilli noted in the video below, we now have “selections,” not “elections.” The machinations of the globalist elites and their Build Back Better plan (also known as The Great Reset) resulted in massive, widespread voter fraud that has resulted in zero repercussions for the perpetrators.

That needs to change. Even if you’re in the camp that believes the 2020 election was stolen but that it’s too late to do anything about it, I encourage you to watch the movie and reconsider your stance. We may not be able to correct the election itself, but we certainly must strive to bring as many of the culprits to justice as possible. If we don’t, we may never have a fair election again.

Yes, 2000 Mules is the most important documentary of all time because it may be the wake-up call we’ve needed. If enough people watch it and come to the realization that they’re being manipulated and lied to by the very people who are supposed to be safeguarding the truth, perhaps there can be a groundswell of support for holding the perpetrators accountable. Only then do we have a chance of preventing the next big steal from happening in America.

Here’s Pete Santilli’s take: