Whoever Made David Belle Isle's Campaign Video Destroying Brad Raffensperger Deserves an Award

Whoever Made David Belle Isle’s Campaign Video Destroying Brad Raffensperger Deserves an Award

Seriously, this may be the best campaign video ever made.

When a friend sent me this “must see” campaign video, I was skeptical. I get sent campaign videos regularly and nine out of ten are either rips from the viral Dollar Shave Club video from a decade ago or some variation where the candidate is walking and talking and doing things. This time, I wasn’t disappointed one bit.

David Belle Isle is a Republican running for Secretary of State in Georgia. His attack is the obvious one — current Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is a NeverTrumper who likely participated in voter fraud that not only “won” the state for Joe Biden but subsequently “flipped” the two Senate seats for Democrats. There’s no need to get fancy with the messaging, but the delivery of the message itself was absolutely spectacular.

It’s a parody of the famous Charlie Daniel’s Band song, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” It was excellently produced and made the message stick while also being quite entertaining.

This amazing video needs to go viral. David Belle Isle is trying to oust RINO NeverTrumper Brad Raffensperger. He needs our help.