Uniparty Swamp

Who Won the Debt Ceiling Battle?

The debt ceiling battle may be over. We’ll know for sure Wednesday when the vote is scheduled, but it seems Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy may have come together. Considering the most basic and obvious elimination of fruitless spending — 87,000 IRS agents — was NOT addressed, this seems like a huge loss for patriots.

McCarthy will herald spending cuts, but they won’t be in the same ballpark as the absolute overhaul that is necessary to give this nation any hope for the future. Instead, we will continue down our path to unavoidable Modern Monetary Theory crushing the country into oblivion.

But that won’t be the narrative spun by corporate media, the White House, supporters of Speaker McCarthy, or GOP Establishment’s controlled opposition in “conservative” media. They’ll pop champaign bottles open and question anyone who doesn’t join in their revelry.

As I noted on Twitter:

Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden will pretend to battle in public about who got the better of who in the debt ceiling battle. The reality is they both won in their unified assault on the American people.

With the Uniparty Swamp, the only thing certain is that when they’re happy with their actions and results, we should be very worried. The American people invariably get screwed over by government’s successes.

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