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Who Wants to Tell Her? Moronic Democrat Claims Justice Thomas Will Vote Against Inter-Racial Marriage After Roe v Wade is Overturned

There is palpable desperation coming from Democrats about Roe v Wade’s upcoming Supreme Court reversal. It’s not that they’re desperate over the prospects of abortion laws being determined by the states, which they always should have been. They’re desperate because they think they’re going to miss scoring political points over it.

The anti-Republican outrage regarding abortion has not materialized in anyone other than their radical base, so Democrats have taken a different approach: Race-based gaslighting. No, gaslighting is not new for them as a strategy and we’ve seen them use the “bigot” card against Republicans for decades, but their approach is different this time because it relies solely on a total lack of understanding.

In other words, they NEED the people they hope to reach to be complete and utter morons. Case-in-Point, Congresswoman Marilyn Strickland’s attempt to convince people overturning Roe v Wade will mean conservative Supreme Court Justices like Clarence Thomas will vote against inter-racial marriage. There are major problems with that concept, but one sticks out like a soar thumb as journalist Brandi Kruse pointed out:

When Kruse brought up to Strickland that Clarence Thomas was married to a White woman, the Congresswoman appeared confused. Some in the comments believed that she simply didn’t know Thomas was in an inter-racial marriage, but I have a different interpretation. I believe she knows (my goodness, she has to have heard about Ginni Thomas, right?) but she was surprised that a journalist knew and was willing to bring it up.

Lest we forget, Democrat lawmakers are so accustomed to legitimately unintelligent corporate media journalists tossing them softballs and clapping at their responses that they are incapable of handling real questions from smart journalists like Kruse.

Democrats are claiming that overturning Roe v Wade is a racist move that will lead to more racism from the bench. This is ludicrous prima facie, but in times of desperation Democrats rely on the ignorance of voters.