White House Offers Dueling Narratives on 'Stranded' Americans in Afghanistan.

Biden-Harris Regime Offers Dueling Narratives on Stranded Americans in Afghanistan

The only thing consistent about the Biden-Harris regime is that there is no consistency in any of their policies, communications, or actions. What is said to be true yesterday may not be true today but may be true again tomorrow.

Case-in-Point: Dueling narratives about the use of the word “stranded” to categorize the Americans who have been abandoned by the Biden-Harris regime to await their fate at the hands of the Taliban. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed it was irresponsible to label the stranded Americans as “stranded.” But yesterday, Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby said Americans are stranded in foreign countries all the time.

Which is it?

Despite the White House offering two different narratives about Americans being “stranded,” we rate both comments as “false.” Both Jen Psaki and John Kirby are lying about the horrors these STRANDED Americans are facing from the Taliban.