White House Civil War_ The Biden-Harris Dynamic is So Dysfunctional, Even CNN Is Reporting it Now

White House Civil War: The Biden-Harris Dynamic is So Dysfunctional, Even CNN Is Reporting it Now

Our readers may be well aware of multiple stories we’ve posted since the middle of the year about the “shade war” between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. To be more accurate, it’s a war between their staffs and, believe it or not, spouses. Back in June, we posted a story about the growing tensions between Harris and Jill Biden, who many see as a primary “advisor” to her husband.

The Shade War Between Kamala Harris and Jill Biden that Everyone is Missing

In recent weeks, more reports have been coming in that Team Harris is having trouble keeping things together. The White House has denied these reports, but insiders have spilled the beans to multiple outlets that tensions aren’t just occurring between the two staffs but also within the Harris staff internally.

CNN has “stepped up” to start reporting on this. They have an entire section at the top of their homepage dedicated to damage control to ease the situation, though in doing so they were forced to acknowledge that the dysfunction is real.

As Jack Posobiec from Human Events noted:

Reading through the articles reveals an odd trend. CNN seems to be hedging their bets, on one hand reporting that Harris is trying really hard to do a good job while also reporting that she’s failing miserably. One might even come to the conclusion that it’s a subtle attempt to justify Biden distancing himself from her, but in the “woke” and careful manner that attempts to avoid the inherent landmines associated with dumping a female of color.

There are also plenty of contradictions coming from the White House as discrepancies pop up between rhetoric and reality. For example, Harris was praised for her role in getting the infrastructure bill passed through Congress, but reports from Capitol Hill as well as a quick glance at her schedule point to her having a non-existent role other than attending a couple of meetings and making a few phone calls. Even the “shining example” of her efforts to get the bill passed — Rep. Nanette Barragán — downplayed the importance of her conversation with Harris.

As CNN reported:

One of those roundtables was in late September, when Harris invited Rep. Nanette Barragán, a California Democrat, to co-host a discussion with Latina business leaders in the vice president’s ceremonial office. The congresswoman was hesitant to support all of the compromises on progressive initiatives in the infrastructure bill. The West Wing asked Harris to stress to Barragán how much her vote was needed, and she did.

Several aides to the vice president highlighted this as a key example of her under-the-radar influence. Barragán ultimately voted yes — but a person who discussed the decision with the congresswoman said that, while she appreciated hearing from the vice president, what really swayed her was the Congressional Progressive Caucus deciding to support the bill.

One of the most viable rumors is that Team Biden is trying to nominate her for the Supreme Court so they can get a better Vice President. It’s an odd scenario that would put Harris in an awkward position. If she accepts, she’s essentially abandoning her goal of being the first female president. But considering how things are going she may not have that option as many in her own party are quietly looking for someone to run in 2024 instead of her or Biden.

CNN is doing what they can to service both sides of the war. They are doing damage control for the White House as a whole by downplaying the civil war, but they’re also highlighting the clear dysfunction, especially within Team Harris. It’s noteworthy that even as they highlighted her inefficacy with the border crisis, they didn’t place blame where it obviously belongs: On the bad policies being put forth by the regime.

Joe Biden shouldn’t abandon Kamala Harris. She’s the only person who can be even more despised by the American people than he is right now.