Ivory Hecker Voter Fraud

Whistleblower Ivory Hecker: Fox News Is “Hiding Some Dirty Secrets About How Corrupt Elections Are”

Independent journalist Ivory Hecker made waves when she quit her job with a Fox News affiliate live on-air in 2021. She worked with Project Veritas to expose massive corruption, propaganda, and gaslighting by corporate media. Then, she went out on her own to bring real journalism to the world.

On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show, I was joined by Hecker to discuss what’s been happening since then, her plans for the future, and what she believes to be the most pressing issues in America today that corporate media refuses to cover. I was expecting her answer to be something associated with globalism, Covid-19, or any of the other major topics that she’s been covering on her show, but her response was both instant and unexpected.

“Oh, a huge one is elections. And that’s something that Fox was censoring as well, oddly enough. You would think, you know, Fox was all about election integrity, but they’re not. And they were really slick with their little tightrope that they walked like, ‘Ooh, we care about elections.’

“No, you don’t. They’re hiding some dirty secrets about how corrupt elections are. And I was one of the reporters on the ground getting the evidence sent to me from sources looking and verifying, saying, ‘yep, this is exactly the truth about some serious anomalies on the election’ that we’re not allowed to talk about.

“Fox shutting it down, saying ‘Ivory, we’re not gonna look at that. Let’s find anything else for you to cover but this huge election anomaly.’ And so we’re seeing blatant censorship and gaslighting from all outlets, definitely including Fox. And so when you see that censorship from the left and the right outlets, you realize that we’re in a really scary place.

“Elections are not secure. They’re not really getting more secure because there is a collusion between the government entities who put on these elections and the media hiding what’s really going on. And so we need to be very alert to this. The fact that Dominion is still used in so many states despite last May, the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency put out a report on how just horrific Dominion is. Our own federal agency on cybersecurity said, ‘yeah, these machines are not secure.’ We’re getting all the evidence. The state of Texas banned Dominion in 2019. Thank God one state did, but there’s still like, what, 16 states or something that still use it, and that’s just one machine company.

“Most of these voting machine companies have big issues. And then you go to mail-in, and that’s another issue. And the security of elections is not being addressed. We are being gaslit like none other. And if our vote does not count, the future of our country is in serious jeopardy. We look at the guy who’s sitting in office as president right now, and if you look at the details of how that happened and how many millions more votes he got than Obama and Trump. The fact that Trump got millions and millions more votes than he got in 2016, yet, Biden destroys Trump’s record, destroys Obama’s record. Gets more votes than anyone in history, yet has no fans. Biden’s first visit to Houston that I covered days after being inaugurated, and he had no supporters at his visit as a brand new president with the most votes in history.

“Zero supporters showed up to clap for Biden when he walked into Houston, but there were protestors and Houston’s a blue city. So what’s really going on? Elections are huge.”

Until more people like Ivory Hecker stand up and acknowledge the massive, widespread voter fraud that has plagued at least the last two elections, we will not have a proper Constitutional republic. Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our nation’s representative government.

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