While America Hovers Over the Abyss, Chlamydia Harris Cackles About School Buses and Climate Change

Nothing tells America to never take the Biden-Harris regime seriously better than Kamala Harris ranting about school buses. First, she cackled about their nostalgia, as conservative actor James Woods noted…

Record inflation, a tsunami of violent crime, MILLIONS of unvetted illegals pouring over our long forgotten border, a doddering fool provoking nuclear war, but, hey…

Then, she got serious and talked about the fact that they mostly run on diesel fuel…

Kamala Harris: “95% of our school buses are fueled with diesel fuel, which contributes to very serious conditions that are about health and about the ability to learn.”

Harris was discussing the latest wasteful move by the regime to funnel taxpayer money to those who back their green agenda. According to Washington Times:

The Biden administration on Wednesday identified school districts that will receive nearly $1 billion over the next year to purchase new zero-emission school buses and charging stations.

The money will go to nearly 400 school districts across 50 states, the District of Columbia and several Tribes and U.S. territories to purchase more than 2,400 clean buses, 95% of which will run on electricity. The others will operate on compressed natural gas or propane.

The funds are part of a five-year, $5 billion Clean School Bus Program created by last year’s bipartisan infrastructure law.

As Americans struggle to put food on the table and gas in their tanks, the regime is busy pushing their green agenda. This would be laughably ludicrous if it weren’t so devilishly despicable.