Where Is a Benedict Biden Statement About Memphis?

The horrific string of crimes in Democrat-run Memphis has sent shockwaves across the nation. Earlier this week a young mother and teacher was brutally raped and murdered while jogging. Then, there was a massacre.

The Biden-Harris regime has not responded to either hideous crime.

The reason is obvious. The facts about these cases go against the Democrat narrative and expose how soft-on-crime policies do massive harm to innocent American citizens. As Julie Kelly from American Greatness noted on Twitter:

Where is a statement from Joe Biden on Memphis? Where is Merrick Garland’s lecture about the rule of law? Where is Chris Wray condemnation of the murder of at least five innocents? I know—they’re too busy arresting J6 trespassers and rummaging through Trump’s medical records.

Nothing from DOJ Civil Rights division on how these monsters deprived innocent Americans of their civil rights and will be punished? No federal hate crime investigation? No stern warnings about crimes that “threaten our democracy?” Not a single word so far.

Check the FBIs Twitter feed—the only “crime” this agency cares about is a 4-hour disturbance that happened more than 20 months ago.


Americans are going to be pressed to forget these heinous crimes and to focus where the Biden-Harris regime wants us to focus: On J6, Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and other non-criminals. Meanwhile, the real criminals are ignored.

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