When it Comes to Tyre Nichols and George Floyd, Many Are Willfully Ignoring the Donkey in the Room

There are many idiotic narratives forming around the beating death of Tyre Nichols by five former Memphis police officers. The most obvious one is that this is somehow a sign of “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” even though all five ex-cops who beat Nichols severely are black.

Why would the radical left demand pure cognitive dissonance in order for the people to embrace their narrative? It seems counterproductive, especially in light of the facts that justice is in the process of being served. All five officers were fired, arrested, and charged. The “Scorpion” division of which they were a part of has been permanently disbanded. Prima facie, this is a case of very bad cops doing a very bad thing and has absolutely nothing to do with racism or white supremacy.

Perhaps popular Twitter user DC Draino has the reason for this lunacy:

George Floyd & Tyre Nichols both died in Democrat cities with Democrat Police Chiefs, Democrat Mayors, Democrat City Councils, and Democrat Congressmen. Yet Dems are saying this is white supremacy?! No, this is another tragic example of *Democrats* destroying black communities.

When the writing on the wall is this clear, the only recourse for people desperate to cover up their sins is to blame something or someone other than themselves. The radical left in general is forced to play dumb on a daily basis as news incessantly erupts from Democrat-controlled cities that clearly demonstrates their leftist policies are failing the people miserably. They also know that the victims of their failed policies are their biggest voting block.

Keeping the people in the dark can be challenging. Those who are embroiled in Democrat failures on a daily basis would like to know the truth, but radical leftists and their corporate media lapdogs will remain diligent with their gaslighting, propaganda, and indoctrination. They cannot completely destroy America if the people they’re harming wake up. They cannot retain power if their race-baiting con is revealed to the masses.

Normally, this would be the proverbial elephant in the room. In this case, we can all stare at the donkeys in the room doing all the damage.