Nuremberg 2.0 Trials

When Do the Nuremberg 2.0 Trials Begin? [Supercut]

When Senator Ron Johnson held a panel discussion with renowned medical professionals and scientists last months, he did so knowing corporate media would ignore it. Unfortunately, many in conservative media ignored it as well. We were watching feeds for over 200 conservative sites and were disappointed that so few even mentioned the event.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that the event itself was spectacular. It was loaded with bombshell after bombshell, many of which even the most ardent students of Pandemic Panic Theater hadn’t heard before. And while hundreds of thousands of Americans watched the 5+ hour event, we need to continue to get the word out. Hundreds of thousands of viewers is just the start.

The Rumble upload of the event shows 1.8 million views while the shortened YouTube version shows nearly one million. But only a percentage of people who were counted as “views” actually watched the whole 5.5-hour livestream or 38-minute highlight videos. We need more to watch it. To that end, here’s a supercut that should get your blood boiling and possibly spark interest in people to investigate further…

If you can watch the full event, please do so. In fact, have a watch party! Find any friends and family you can muster to receive a crash course on the Covid-19 conspiracy. Break it up into multiple sessions if that makes more sense. Or, watch the shortened version; 38-minutes is a lot easier to digest in one sitting. This is information that will shock most Americans, not because they don’t suspect that there’s something odd about the whole Covid-19 narrative but because the coverup of the agenda is so widespread.

“All I can ask, is the viewers to share this,” Senator Johnson said. “Tell your friends, I know this is long. This is a five-hour-long panel, and we didn’t even scratch the surface of what we need to discuss. This shouldn’t have been necessary. As our information grew, as we became better and better educated, less ignorant about the Coronavirus, COVID, the COVID vaccines, this should have been made public every step along the way.

“But it wasn’t. So again, I’m just asking the viewing public to have an open mind. Respect these individuals who have paid a significant price professionally, reputationally. These are highly qualified individuals. They speak from experience. We’ve got to fix this problem. We can’t let this continue. We can’t let it happen in the future. So again, thank all of you for coming. Thank you for being doctors, for being nurses, for being academicians, for being medical researchers, and thank all of you for viewing this. Share this with your friends. God bless you all.”

With doctors and experts like Robert Malone, Ryan Cole, Harvey Risch, and Peter McCullough, there was no shortage of brains at this event. The only shortage is eyeballs. We need more Americans to be “red-pilled” to the fact that there are serious crimes being committed against Americans and citizens of the world, crimes that are so severe that we don’t just need a second opinion. We need a second Nuremberg Trial to expose crimes against humanity and limit the potential for them to happen again.

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