What’s Going On? Another Fast Food Joint Got Trashed by Juvenile Thugs in Democrat Hellhole Chicago

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen more and more recorded incidents of teens and young adults trashing restaurants and oftentimes assaulting employees. What in the world is happening?

The latest comes from Chicago where a Taco Bell was hit by a group of what appears to be teenage or young adult girls. Watch:

There have been many theories popping up, none of which make sense by themselves. Some say being locked down for so long has prompted suddenly “free” kids to act out. Others are blaming a general angst in the population, especially in urban areas. Still others are blaming it on social media in general and TikTok in particular where videos such as these can often help kids “go viral.”

Perhaps it’s a combination of those things, but I have another theory. There appears to be a spirit of chaos spreading across the nation and around the globe, and it’s not just affecting young people. Is there something demonic about this trend? Comment on our newly relaunched Substack.