#WhatIsAWoman Trends for a Few Minutes Before Twitter Drops the Suppression Bomb, So They Took it to the Sky

There are certain topics that will get you in trouble on Twitter. Vaccine skepticism, climate change skepticism, and voter fraud are among the top. But if you want to draw the ire of Twitter’s woke censorship interns, say something less than positive about LGBTQIA+ and the bombs will drop within minutes.

Matt Walsh learned that the easy way by getting #WhatIsAWoman to trend while promoting his upcoming documentary.

Weird that #WhatIsAWoman just disappeared from the trending topics entirely when it was number 9 just a moment ago

They just straight up removed #WhatIsAWoman from trending so that it doesn’t outshine the Women’s March. The strategy won’t work but still pretty blatant stuff. Wow.

Of course, if you aren’t having success in the digital world, you might as well give it a shot in the real world. Not sure if Walsh was involved in the visual display below or even if it’s real (though he was likely involved and it’s probably real), but it’s epic either way.


Who needs Twitter when you have skywriters?