What the NBA’s Dependence on China Tells Us About How to Prepare for the Near Future

Many of us no longer need motivation to prepare for the future. Economic challenges seem to continue to pop up even as long-standing problems get worse. But if you need even more motivation to turn to your local community and away from China and our own government, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver just gave us another reason.

From Fox News [emphasis added]:

Silver also pushed back Thursday on criticisms from U.S. lawmakers about the NBA’s business relationship with China, noting that the league is just one of many companies to work with the Chinese.

“From a policy standpoint, virtually every Fortune 100 company is doing business in China,” Silver said. “We have an enormous, humongous trade relationship with China. Virtually all the phones in this room, the clothes you are wearing, the shoes you are wearing, are made in China. From a larger societal standpoint, this is something where we have to look to the U.S. government for direction.”

“And if people are suggesting now that we should no longer have trade relations with China, and I don’t think they are, that’s a huge global issue where we will follow the lead from our government,” he continued.

Basically, he’s saying the NBA does it because everybody else is doing it. From his perspective, he’s pretty sure we’re not going to stop buying from China altogether, right?

Well, maybe should. In fact, we definitely should. As we approach a possible economic collapse, it behooves us make a concerted effort toward buying as hyper-local as possible, and it’s not just to punish big companies or even China. If and when the supply chain completely stops in the United States, we will be forced to turn to local suppliers and producers. Best to make the change now. Call it practice.

By making this a practice, we will be keeping our dollars as close to home as possible. Today, we’re a global economy with a strong domestic infrastructure. But those who believe we will eventually no longer be able to have everything we need delivered by Amazon or available at Walmart should move as many of their purchases as possible from local producers.

It’s a prepper thing, but it really is an America thing as well. Adam Silver is right. We are massively tied to China and just about every big business in the nation is. As I called for in today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show as well as the Late Prepper podcast, we need to move our dollars to the local community as quickly and completely as possible.