Ohio Fire

What in the World Is Going on in Ohio? FOURTH Massive Industrial Fire Hits State Since East Palestine Derailment

If you believe in coincidences, then there is nothing to worry about with the fourth massive industrial fire to hit the state of Ohio in less than a month following the East Palestine derailment and controlled burn. If, like me, you think there are no coincidences, we have to ask what is going on.

According to WLWT:

Cincinnati fire crews are on the scene of a large fire on Arlington Street off of Spring Grove Avenue. First responders tell WLWT that the fire is coming from the Reliable Castings building. Officials confirmed to WLWT that it is a six-alarm fire.

We’re almost certainly going to learn nothing else about this fire, at least nothing pertinent. That seems to be standard operating procedure for the previous three suspicious fires in the state.

On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show, I talked about this fire and three possible reasons they seem to all be happening in Ohio at the same time. The first option is that it’s all a coincidence, which I clearly do not believe. Option two is that it’s arson of some sort, perhaps even with multiple players or copycats. The third option, that I detailed during the show, is that this is part of a plot by the globalist elite cabal to get different chemicals into the air at around the same time to create some destructive chemical cocktail.

I have no evidence of this. It’s all just a hunch.

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