Were Falling Flags at John Fetterman Rally Ironic Symbolism or a Sign From God?

If mentally disabled U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman wins on Tuesday, it could mark the fall of America in multiple ways. It could demonstrate the inefficacy of a polarized electorate that would vote for a man who has no business anywhere near Capitol Hill. It could be the latest example of massive voter fraud in the state of Pennsylvania. It could mean much worse than that.

At a campaign rally on Saturday, Fetterman was speaking when a gust of wind took down the American flags behind him. Was it just ironic symbolism of what his campaign represents? Was it a warning from God? You decide.

There’s more at stake than just a seat going to someone who isn’t mentally fit. If Fetterman is elected and Josh Shapiro wins the gubernatorial race, many have speculated that Fetterman will quickly step down and let Shapiro appoint his wife, Gisele, for the Senate seat. Gisele Fetterman would instantly become the most radical member on Capitol Hill. She is further to the left than Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Conservative reactions to the falling flags were priceless.