WEF Backs UNESCO’s Push to Regulate Speech on Social Media, Pushes Its Own Toolkit “Digital Safety” Which Will Tackle “Hate Speech” and “Cyberbullying”

(Reclaim The Net)—Here’s the UN (at least those who have their ultimate say in the organization’s overall agencies’ agenda), and here’s the World Economic Forum (WEF), supporting that activity, wholeheartedly.

Has something gone right this time? Spoiler: Well, no.

But do read on – because knowledge, and context, are truly important. The educated guess is – there will be many more of these instances of social media censorship schemes coming down this particular pike.

And what better than to recognize them for what they are, as they do come.

There’s this: UNESCO (that’s the UN agency that used to basically sell you Christmas/New Year postcards to help children in distress, suddenly, waking up to “misinformation”) – and now directly supported by WEF.

What a shocker. WEF is glad that – UNESCO, of all agencies, has come up with what it calls the “internet of trust.” And the informal globalist Switzerland-based group (WEF, though) is also happy to reiterate what those “guidelines” are.

WEF is a flagship global, elitist outfit with no apparent qualms leading with the devastating fact that more people on this planet have access to the internet (“social media”), that to say, a car.

But this is not seen as a problem. Merely an opportunity to subjugate (or kick down) those already in distress.

So you don’t have a car? You can’t afford a home, perhaps? But you do have a phone. Now let WEF tell you what you should think. That’s pretty much the gist of this entire “elaborate” article.

While you may be in a country with decidedly few real rights and/or opportunities, WEF assures you that if only you – about 4.75 billion people on this Earth – could find some “trusted” (“guaranteed” by elites) way to inform and “protect yourself from misinformation, disinformation.”


“If we can no longer distinguish fiction from reality, falsehood from truth, the foundations of our societies crumble. Democracy, dialogue and debate – all essential to address major contemporary challenges – become impossible,” UNESCO says – quotes WEF.

And some might say – why in the world did UNESCO go that ostentatious rout of stating the horrible truth, that involves UN, and WEF?

Who knows. But WEF has this: A toolkit for “digital safety.”

Tell us, WEF. You, who do, habitually, take “ordinary people” for fools.

“Digital platforms need reporting mechanisms to log policy violations, but given the global nature of their operations, they also need to ensure these mechanisms take into account local cultural sensitivities in the way complaints are handled” – said WEF.

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