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Weaponized DOJ Troll Jack Smith Requests Delaying Trump Trial, Plopping it Right Before the Primaries

Most Americans believe the Department of Justice has been weaponized by the Biden-Harris regime to take down their top political rival in the 2024 election. The classified document case against President Donald Trump has been deemed to be completely politically motivated, as most polls show.

Now, after seemingly rushing to get the trial going in August, Special Counsel Jack Smith has requested a delay until December. His reasoning is to get the right security clearance for those who will be reviewing documents, but here’s the thing. He requested a four-month delay. The clearance process takes up to 60 days and can be expedited.

Is this a ploy to prevent a quick resolution to the trial that would allow the Trump team to get focused on the campaign? Is this intended to keep the trial in mind as Republican voters decide who to nominate?

Dropping this late on a Friday is a conspicuous sign that they don’t want Americans or conservative media discussing this. Here’s the story via news wire:

Special Counsel Jack Smith Requests A Delay In Trump Classified Documents

Special Counsel Jack Smith has requested a four-month delay for the start of the criminal trial involving former President Donald Trump and his aide Walt Nauta in South Florida. In a filing to U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon, Smith’s team proposed a new trial start date of December 11th, citing the need for sufficient time to grant the defense counsel the required security clearance, review discovery materials, and prepare their own materials.

Initially, Judge Cannon had tentatively set the trial to begin on August 14th in Fort Pierce, Florida. However, the request from Smith’s team seeks a later date to accommodate the necessary preparations by the defense. The defense attorneys, while not opposing the postponement, have indicated their intention to file their own objections to the proposed trial schedule.

In addition to the request for a delay, Smith’s team also sought permission to file a sealed list of witnesses with whom Trump and Nauta would be prohibited from discussing the case. This measure aims to safeguard the integrity of the trial proceedings.

Furthermore, the Special Counsel requested a pre-trial conference under the Classified Information Procedures Act, and Jay Bratt, the top counterintelligence official in the Justice Department’s national security division, emphasized that neither Trump’s nor Nauta’s lawyers have obtained the necessary security clearance to review the classified documents central to the case. While interim clearance will be expedited, full clearance is required for accessing highly classified documents, which entails a process taking up to 60 days from the time of application submission.

Politics as Usual

I’ll end speculation on this one. It’s political. They don’t want this resolved in 2023. They want it to be hanging on Trump in the news cycle as the primaries begin. Whether you agree or disagree, sound off on my Substack.