Osama Bin Laden

We Just Entered the “9/11 Was Justified” Stage for the Decolonization Death Cult

Following the October 7 terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel, sentiment in America was very anti-terrorism. That lasted about a day before the Decolonization Death Cult started their massive worldwide campaign to paint the terrorists and their supporters as victims while painting Israel and the United States as the evil ones.

For the record, I’ve been exceedingly critical of the roles both Israel and the United States have played in allowing the terrorist attacks. I’m not one who blindly accepts the official narrative and I know that the Deep State in both countries are involved in what’s happening. Clearly, there are many agendas in play right now and none of them are beneficial to us.

Anti-Zionist and Anti-Semitic hatred has been building up ever since October 7 across college campuses and the streets of America. Protests are getting larger and louder. Wednesday night, the Decolonization Death Cult rioted in Washington DC, attempting to storm the DNC Headquarters.

Now, an article posted by The Guardian in 2002 has reemerged and is taking TikTok by storm. The so-called “Letter to America” written by 9/11 terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden is going viral with tens of millions of views accumulated between multiple influencers. Here’s a compilation video of these influencers instructing their sheep to go read it. This is, of course, a coordinated campaign by the Decolonization Death Cult.

The article has since been removed by The Guardian. According to The Post Millennial:

On Wednesday, The Guardian removed a letter written by Al-Queda founder Osama Bin Laden that had been published on its website for more than 20 years. This comes as the hashtag #lettertoamerica was viewed on TikTok over 10 million times.

TikTokers, many of them American, found the letter and began to share it. As they did so, they expressed their agreement with the letter. The letter was published in British news outlet The Guardian in 2002, after the September 11 terror attacks on the United States, which killed over 3,000 people. As they read the letter, steeped in the oppressor/victim worldview, they find themselves agreeing with bin Laden’s assessment that the US, and Israel, are responsible for attacks on their own nations. One American TikToker said the letter gave her an “existential crisis” and she will never look at the US the same again.

Watching the video’s compiled makes two things crystal clear. First, there is zero doubt the videos were coordinated. These influencers didn’t suddenly read the article and come up with the exact same talking points on their own in a matter of hours. Second, this marks a very dangerous turn in the situation, especially here in the United States, because it justifies terrorism as righteous to those participating in the “Free Palestine” movement, which I now refer to as the Decolonization Death Cult.

For years we’ve been warning about the infiltration of the United States by terrorists at our southern border. Those warnings have hit overdrive since Joe Biden opened the borders, but they continue to go unheeded. We know that terrorists are here on American soil to the tune of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands. What many of us didn’t expect is that they’d be able to build their terrorist army with support from Americans through the current indoctrination campaign. Maybe some saw it coming, but I missed it until now.

There are spirits of disillusionment, delusion, and anger spreading across America. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any solutions other than continuing to spread the truth, becoming increasingly diligent, and a whole lot of prayer. Just as Daniel prayed for his nation ceaselessly, so too must we pray for our nation as it plunges down a very dark hole. Stay frosty, friends.

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