. . . Watch J.D. Vance Decimate Democrat in Debate: “Why Are the People Who’ve Gotten Rich Off the Opioid Epidemic Funding Tim Ryan?”

Democrats need to bank on voter fraud if they have any chance of keeping their U.S. Senate seat in Virginia. Trump-backed J.D. Vance went off on incumbent Democrat Tim Ryan on Monday’s televised debate.

“If you’re in Ohio and you’ve seen these ridiculous commercials that Tim Ryan runs, telling dishonest lies about my nonprofit organization — it’s paid by pharmaceutical blood money, because the very same corporations that caused this poison to come into this country in the first place have funded your campaign to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars,” he said.


Polls show a very tight race. For Republicans to win control of the Senate, they’ll need poll-watchers to keep the votes honest and a massive percentage of voters showing up on election day.