Washington Ferry Workers Hold 'Sickout' Protest to Impact Labor Day Weekend Travel

Washington Ferry Workers Hold ‘Sickout’ Protest to Impact Labor Day Weekend Travel

Ferry workers in Washington are holding a “sickout” protest against Covid “vaccine” mandates over Labor Day weekend as well as on September 11, forcing the state to shut down the reservation system.

Last month, 91 employees for Washington State Ferries requested vacations on the same day, signifying their solidarity. A Delta Variant outbreak among employees has also reduced ranks as many have been forced into quarantine.

The protest is in response to Governor Jay Inslee’s various mandates, including vaccination requirements that are generating protests from multiple industries in the state. But the ferries, which are extremely important in a state that’s made up of several heavily populated islands, are getting more media attention than others.

The bulk of local media is presenting very biased coverage, as expected. King5 had published an article and did a television segment in which they only interviewed those who were opposed to the protests.

“That could stop a vessel from sailing. That not only puts a big burden on your coworkers, but also an inconvenience to potentially thousands of customers,” Sterling said.

“I just think it’s incredibly selfish,” added Hughes. “I respect people’s rights to make their own decisions, but to shut down the only way in and out on Labor Day weekend at a time when we’re all trying to do business?”

There are deeper concerns on Washington’s islands about people being able to get across Puget Sound for emergencies, doctor visits, or simply a break from all of the madness.

“I just think this is the wrong way to express your frustrations with the chaos we’re experiencing every day,” said Hughes. “There won’t be much support from this community.”

Since mainstream media is only showing one side of the story, we’ll fill in the gaps. Draconian vaccine and face mask mandates are harmful. They impose unnecessary and ineffective burdens on a people that operates best under the blanket of freedom our Constitution provides. They have also been demonstrated to be medically harmful in hundreds of thousands of known cases, though the unreported cases may be exponentially higher.

What people such as those interviewed for the mainstream media outlets keep saying is that these types of protests are “selfish.” They do not take into account the pure selfishness of forcing fellow Americans to adhere to medical practices that are demonstrably dangerous. They are demanding we put our own health and freedoms at risk for the sake of a disease that has a 99.93% recovery rate for people under the age of 50.

A protest needs to hit people in the pocketbook if it’s going to be effective. This is something the left has known for decades. Will the vaccine mandates finally prompt the right to take aggressive measures like these? Let’s hope.