Benjamin Netanyahu

Was it the Jabs? Israeli PM Rushed to Hospital

A headline over at Revolver News caught my attention:


It wasn’t just the obvious implications of a world leader being rushed to the hospital. It was the fact that there really are some — though not nearly enough — publications out there who aske the question about the jabs when otherwise healthy people collapse or die. It’s a fair question, but corporate media won’t touch it and most in conservative media try to ignore it.

Here’s the story from AP:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was rushed on Saturday to a hospital after feeling dizzy, his office said, adding that it appeared the veteran Israeli leader was suffering from dehydration.

Netanyahu, 73, remained at Israel’s Sheba Hospital, where he continued to undergo medical tests, his office said.

In a joint statement with the hospital, his office said Netanyahu had visited the Sea of Galilee, a popular vacation spot in northern Israel, on Friday. The country is in the midst of a summer heat wave, with temperatures in the mid-30s Celsius (mid-90s Fahrenheit).

Dehydration in a heat wave isn’t uncommon, especially for the elderly, but there are two things to remember before dismissing this. First, adverse reactions to the Covid jabs are rarely the only cause of ailments. The destructive spike proteins and whatever else is in them exacerbate preexisting or emerging maladies. Second, this is the official story from a government about a world leader. You can never trust the official story from a government about a world leader.

Was it just dehydration? Probably. But we have to continue to ask the question when strange health situations arise because if we don’t very few others will.

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