Adrian Dingle

Was it the Jabs? Former NFL Player Dies Suddenly at 45

A former NFL player died this week, becoming the latest case of “cause of death unknown.”

By all accounts, Adrian Dingle was still young and healthy until he died earlier this week at the age of 45. While it’s possible that the cause of death is being withheld for privacy issues in situations when drugs or suicide are involved, we always have to wonder if the Covid-19 “vaccines” played a role. As usual, corporate media won’t even ask the question.

According to The Daily Wire:

The only information that was available about his death was that it occurred on November 8. No cause of death has been released and there have not been any statements made by his family.

The NY Post performed the standard play when “died suddenly” cases occur. They mentioned the death, then jumped straight to highlights of their career and reactions from teammates:

Defensive tackle Adrian Dingle, who spent five seasons with the San Diego Chargers, died Tuesday at 45, Clemson University announced. Dingle played with the Chargers from 2000 to 2004. His best season came in 2003, when he made 37 tackles and collected six sacks while starting all 16 games.

Dingle was selected by the Chargers in the fifth round of the 1999 NFL draft out of Clemson where he was an All-ACC defensive end. As a senior in 1998, he posted 10.5 sacks, a school record at the time.

As Dr. Joseph Mercola noted in an article today, the FDA and CDC have been actively covering up important data that demonstrates the dangers of the Covid-19 “vaccines.” But corporate media’s refusal to do their jobs in circumstances like these are the reason we must always ask, “Was it the jabs?”

Invariably, these cases get swept under the rug and the actual cause of death is never announced. We’ll keep asking anyway. At some point we hope that more people will become suspicious and not only question the safety of the experimental drugs, but also the role that corporate media is playing in keeping as many people in the dark as possible.

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