Hugh McKean

Was It the Jabs? Colorado Republican Lawmaker DIES SUDDENLY and of Course No Cause of Death Has Been Released

There was a time not too long ago when I would have to preface every story like this with a statement of speculation. “While we do not know if the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ contributed to the death, the fact that corporate media refuses to even consider the possibility forces us to assume the jabs may be the cause until proven otherwise.”

Today, there’s really no need to do that because the death rates are going up for cases of “cause of death unknown” or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). Even many who have never been skeptical of jabs in the past are starting to wonder if the anti-vaxxer crowd has been right all along. We have been, and the latest example of a possible vaxx-related death has just been reported by The Blaze:

Colorado House Minority Leader Hugh McKean died suddenly at his Loveland home on Sunday. He celebrated his birthday on Oct. 27, only days before his sudden death. The Colorado House GOP caucus confirmed McKean’s “sudden” death.

“It is with great sadness we announce the sudden passing of House Minority Leader Hugh McKean,” the official Twitter account for the Colorado House Republicans stated. “Hugh was fiercely passionate about serving the great state of Colorado and will be missed dearly.”

“Hugh was fiercely passionate about two things in his extraordinary life; serving the great state of Colorado and spending time with his family, whom he adored — Aiden McKean, 21, Hanna McKean, 23, and his dearest partner and friend Amy Parks,” the statement read, according to Colorado Politics.

“Hugh spoke about Coloradans not in the abstract but as real living people with jobs, loves, and real-life successes and problems,” the statement continued. “Families facing hardships were not faceless pie graphs on a page to Hugh. He saw the faces of his own children, of his parents, long-time neighbors, and of Coloradans that he would always call friends. Public service wasn’t a 9-to-5 job for Hugh; he lived life believing good enough would never be enough for those who would live with the consequences of bad government.”

As much as I respect The Blaze, they fall under the increasingly large category of conservative news outlets who refuse to mention the words “Covid” or “vaccine” in any story that deals with sudden inexplicable deaths of young and otherwise healthy people. As I’ve noted in the past, this is due to the tyrants in Big Tech who will blacklist any news outlets that even ask the question. Google and YouTube will cut off their big ad dollar checks. Facebook will cut off the massive amounts of traffic they send to news outlets. It’s an unfortunate reality that even respectable conservative or alternative news outlets won’t dare risk their gravy trains.

We are not beholden to Google. We do not have a YouTube Channel. We couldn’t care less about Facebook traffic. When it could be these “dies suddenly” cases, we are free to ask if it was the jabs.

The truth is starting to come out. It’s usually dropping in trickles. Sometimes the spigot lets out a bit more. Over time, the people will see the truth. We can only hope and pray it reaches as many in time as possible.

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