Was it the Jabs? Another 16-Year-Old Football Player Dies on the Field Due to “High Heat” — It Was 82 Degrees

As usual, we will get attacked for even mentioning the words “Covid” and “Vaccine” in a story about an athlete who died under mysterious circumstances with major inconsistencies in the official narrative. But as always, we will point out that nobody in corporate media is willing to ask questions. We have to assume it’s part of the same coverups that plague mysterious deaths of young and otherwise healthy people.

The latest story out of Baltimore has the same motif. They’re basically saying they don’t know what killed a 16-year-old athlete but it definitely wasn’t the jabs so don’t ask. According to the Baltimore Sun:

A Randallstown High School student died Tuesday after “experiencing a medical emergency” at a school sports practice.

The student, a junior whom Baltimore County Public Schools officials declined to identify, was at practice Tuesday afternoon when he experienced the medical emergency.

Baltimore County Police officers responded at approximately 6 p.m. to the school. Medics transported the victim to an area hospital, where he was pronounced deceased. Autopsy results are pending.

Jack Davis over at Western Journal didn’t mention the jabs, Covid, or any such “taboo” references but offered a subtle knock against the official narrative, saying “Officials did explain the nature of the emergency. The high temperature in Randallstown that day was 82 degrees.”

While 82 degrees can be a bit too hot for some, high school athletes often play and practice in much higher temperatures.

Far too many healthy athletes are dying of “unknown” causes, a phenomenon that correlates perfectly with the roll out of the Covid “vaccines.” Correlation is not causation, but coincidences don’t really happen either. Thus, we will continue to highlight these stories and assume that they are jab-related until shown otherwise.

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