Corey Linsley

Was it the Jabs? NFL All-Pro Sidelined for “Heart-Related Medical Issue”

It just keeps happening. Whether off the field or on, young and otherwise healthy athletes are having heart issues at an unprecedented rate. Entire websites have been created to track the incidents. Meanwhile, corporate media CONTINUES to pretend the issue isn’t real as they never ask the all-important question, “Is this related to the Covid-19 vaccines which are known to cause heart problems, especially Myocarditis?”

The latest possible victim is LA Chargers Pro-Bowl center Corey Linsley. He has been placed on injured reserve, which means he is not allowed to play for at least four games. As usual, no details have been released about his “heart-related medical issue.” As usual, nobody in corporate media has asked any variation of the important question.

According to Total Pro Sports:

The Los Angeles Chargers are placing one of their key offensive players on the injured reserve with a heart issue, sidelining him for a minimum of four games.

Per Daniel Popper of The Athletic, Pro Bowl center Corey Linsley has “a non-emergent heart-related medical issue” and will be formally placed on the IR tomorrow. Popper added that Linsley remains “in good spirits”, although he’s “disappointed” about having to miss time.

It’s a tough break for one of the game’s premier centers. Linsley joined the Chargers as a free agent in 2021 after earning his first career First-team All-Pro nod with the Green Bay Packers. Linsley was a Pro Bowler and Second-team All-Pro in his first season with the Bolts.

While having a heart injury is not uncommon in professional football, especially among linemen who are generally very large, the trends since the 2021 season have pointed toward a drastic increase. Myocarditis is a known adverse reaction to the Covid jabs and often doesn’t present symptoms until the heart rate is accelerated. This is why athletes and those engaged in strenuous exercise are the most likely to be diagnosed.

It’s also why there may be millions of Americans who are suffering from Myocarditis without even knowing. If they, like so many Americans, do not exercise regularly, they  could be accumulating damage for the untreated condition and be none-the-wiser.

We do not know for sure if Linsley’s condition was caused by the jabs. But until corporate media, politicians, and doctors start doing their jobs, we’ll always ask when suspicious cases arise.

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