Ethiopian Crisis

War in Ethiopia Has Killed Half-a-Million People But American Attention Is Herded to Ukraine

By no means do I want to downplay the war in Ukraine or the humanitarian crisis there. Let’s get that out of the way up front. What I do question is the insane amount of coverage by corporate media and attention from the White House about it when there’s a much bigger conflict and humanitarian crisis happening in Ethiopia.

As Jack Posobiec from Human Events noted on Twitter:

“500,000 killed in the Ethiopian civil war in the past 16 months. Govt using Turkish drones to air strike refugee camps. No flags in bios for that one bc the regime has no financial interests there.”

The massive conflict in Ethiopia makes Ukraine seem small in comparison. It’s not, and again I’m not saying the Ukrainian people do not deserve attention for their plight, but when we consider that reports of Ukrainian citizen deaths just passed 1,000 while around half-a-million Ethiopians have been killed, one would think the African nation would deserve as much if not more attention from media and government.

The excuse, of course, is that it’s a civil war and therefore none of our business. But that’s a disingenuous argument when we remember that the focus in Ukraine is on the humanitarian crisis. Regardless of the cause of conflict, a humanitarian crisis is a humanitarian crisis. Death by Russian bullets is no more newsworthy than death by Ethiopian militia machetes.

We won’t even mention the various conflicts in the Middle East or the plight of the Uyghurs in China because those instances of massive humanitarian crises have been ignored for years.

As always, we should question everything. Why is our attention being pointed so squarely on one regional conflict when there are more devastating regional conflicts happening elsewhere? Could Joe Biden or Kamala Harris even find Ethiopia on a map?