War on Children: Pentagon Secretly Installed DIE Propaganda Into K-12 Public School Curriculum

(Natural News)—For the past year, Americans who have been following the issue were under the impression that the Pentagon’s controversial Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) had been closed just like then-Under Secretary for Military Readiness Gil Cisneros testified was the case at a congressional hearing last spring. It turns out Cisneros was lying.

The Pentagon’s anti-white DEI programs for K-12 public school children of service members are still going on, though now they are hidden within the curriculum where few recognize its existence.

“The radical curriculum was not dismantled,” reports Open the Books, which worked alongside journalists, whistleblowers, various investigative nonprofit groups and members of Congress to dismantle DEI in the Pentagon’s K-12 school system.

“Instead, it was stealthily embedded into the lesson plans and classrooms throughout the entire school system.”

According to Open the Books, the Pentagon, under Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, is abusing the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by blocking details about the U.S. war machine’s DEI policies from coming to light.

“They bamboozled the public with window dressing in Congressional hearings while forcing woke extremism on the roughly 70,000 children of our military service members,” Open the Books says.

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Brainwashing America’s children to hate whites with U.S. tax dollars

To put things into perspective, there are around 70,000 children of U.S. military service members enrolled in public schools under the umbrella of the Pentagon who are now covertly being brainwashed into anti-white DEI ideologies and doctrines.

Teachers at the Pentagon’s public schools are free to chat online with students about gender and sexuality in private conversations that are restricted from parental view. In fact, most Pentagon parents probably have no idea such chat rooms even exist as they are operating without parental knowledge or consent.

Children as young as four, if you can believe it, are being lured into LGBTQ+ conversations with public school teachers because elementary schools, the Pentagon says, are the “perfect time” to “really show students the diversity of the gender expression and gender activity.”

The DEI curriculum at large is pro-Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other left-wing causes that, generally speaking, are anti-white in nature. The purpose of these anti-white programs is to “challenge our beliefs, examine our own biases, and reflect on how we need to evaluate the structures and systems in our classrooms.”

There is also plenty of video content centered around “dissent” and “equity,” the purpose being to help public school teachers to brainwash children with “much-needed discussions about implicit bias and systemic racism, human rights, equity, social justice, dissent, protest, and empathy.”

The Pentagon also provides as part of its DEI curriculum a special teacher handbook that discusses how to have “critical conversations” with students about things like race and skin color, identity, privilege, and how “injustice” affects our lives and society.

“These ‘explicit conversations’ provoke ‘strong emotions’ and crying students are expected,” says Open the Books, quoting some of the curriculum material.

It is bad enough that such things are being taught to innocent children in the first place, let alone the fact that the Pentagon is hiding the curriculum while lying to the American public that it supposedly does not exist.

If you are interested in seeing who the vendors are that ally with the Pentagon to provide DEI curriculum, as well as probe the payments being made to facilitate it, check out the Open the Books full background dossier on the group’s investigation in to the matter.

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