War on Beef

The War on Beef

I first heard about “the war on beef” in 2021 when a popular food blogger detailed efforts that were coming from multiple fronts to replace the real stuff with beef “alternatives.” At the time I was mildly concerned, but by the following year I became a true believer in the “conspiracy theory” that governments, corporations, and non-government organizations are trying to remove beef from the menu.

EVERY menu.

When we launched Prepper All-Naturals (formerly known as Whole Cows) in 2022, we did so knowing that we needed to create a way for Americans to stock up on beef that could be stored away for years, even decades.

Today, we’re seeing the attacks everywhere. Beef is being positioned as the primary cause of climate change. It’s being disparaged as unhealthy. It’s now being labeled as the top spreader of bird flu even before a single case can be attributed to eating beef.

Today, the powers-that-be are buying up as much American farmland and as many ranches as possible. The ones they can’t buy, they’re harming through new regulations and increased costs that are dramatically outpacing overall food inflation.

Fewer cattle are being raised. That’s a feature of their plan, not a glitch.

Prepper All-Naturals offers premium Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and Sirloin “Beef Steak” that is shelf-stable for 25-years. It is all-American. In fact, our cattle are born, raised, slaughtered, cooked, freeze dried, and packaged in Texas. Most importantly, it’s the good stuff. No other company in the world sells premium cuts of steak with a 25-year shelf life.

Most survival food companies offer “beef crumbles” or “beef chunks” cut from the cheapest meat possible. Prepper All-Naturals takes the opposite approach. There’s no reason to eat meat-flavored porridge, especially if the beef supply chain is further hampered for the long haul.

We are offering a two-point special. First, take 25% off all of our products with promo code “survive25“. Second, we are producing an e-book titled, “Preparedness 101: A Beginners’ Guide to Survival“. We will cover the basics for forming a survival plan, situational preparedness, the essential items to buy before things go south, and future events that could prompt the need to “bug in” or “bug out.” It will also include recipes for how to cook freeze-dried beef.

It will be sent out to our customers in July, 2024.

Today is the time to stock up on high-quality, all-American, long-term storage steak. Visit Prepper All-Naturals and use promo code “survive25” for 25% off.