WA Dictator Jay Inslee We Will 'Be Active' Against 'Omnicraw' . . . 'No Matter What the Science Tells Us'

WA Dictator Jay Inslee: We Will ‘Be Active’ Against ‘Omnicraw’ . . . ‘No Matter What the Science Tells Us’

There are two clear takeaways from the video below of Washington Governor Jay Inslee discussing the Omicron “scariant” of Covid-19. First, he knows nothing about the disease itself, using four different pronunciations of “Omicron-Omicraw-Ohmicron-Omnicron” in the short speech. Second, he said the quiet part out loud when he declared they’re going to act against it “no matter what the science tells us.”

That’s been the case from the beginning of the Plandemic. They used to say, “follow the science,” but what they were really saying was, “listen to the scientists we’ve bribed, bullied, or blackmailed into spouting forth our narrative.”

Today, at least they’re acknowledging the science is secondary to the goals of the agenda through Pandemic Panic Theater:

As a bonus takeaway, what’s up with the huge face mask? Is he making a fashion statement, a political statement, or a declaration of his idiocy?

The solution to everything according to dictators like Inslee is to get vaxxed and boostered, of course. He even tried to scare up some fear in Delta because we can’t forget their last attempt to scare us into submission.

The science is as clear as possible about the “vaccines.” They aren’t working. They’re making things worse, not just from the obvious economic and societal devastation they’re causing but also the increasingly likely hypothesis that the jabs actually inhibit one’s ability to fight the disease.