Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin’s Explanation of Global Inflation Makes a Lot More Sense Than Benito Biden’s

Love him or hate him, nobody can question that Russian President Vladimir Putin focuses on “Russia First” policies. He’s a thug, a narcissist, and has opposed American interests for decades which makes him our enemy. But that doesn’t mean he’s always wrong.

In June, he delivered a speech that properly frames the massive inflation plaguing American, western society, and much of the world today:

Wall Street Silver: That’s why we don’t see Putin on the news, His speeches are revealing too much about EU and USA monetary policies. Yes he is a psychopath and corrupt, like many world leaders. But once you get past that, he is correct in his assessment of what is going on with inflation, debt and economic policies.

By no means should we believe that Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine has not contributed to inflation and shortages. But for the Biden-Harris regime to constantly blame all of our troubles in Putin’s actions is disingenuous.

We have a major economic problem and most of it is homegrown. Poor financial policies combined with inexplicable incidents have harmed our food and energy supply to the point that in our land of much abundance, it appears almost impossible for us to avoid third-world-level shortages in the near future.

Vladimir Putin is a bad dude who does things that harm the United States of America. But we must not make him the scapegoat for all of the problems that have mostly been created by indefensible policies from the Biden-Harris regime.

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